Low level order picker OPB20N2XP lifts up to 2500kg and delivers safety, comfort and efficiency.


This model has scissor lift with long forks and can carry up to four rollcages at once for increased efficiency. Rising operator platform lifts to 855mm for picking heights of up to 2.5 m – minimising stretching and straining for operators.

The speed of low level order picker OPB20N2XP can be set to either walking pace on ‘walk beside’ mode or up to 13 km/h when the operator is riding.

Order picker features a spacious walk-through operator compartment. The large platform has a low 105 mm entry step, reducing the risk of tripping while also easing strain on the knee joints of operators who may be constantly stepping on and off during their shift.

The platform of low level order picker OPB20N2XP has in-built driver sensors, enabling operators to drive in several comfortable positions as well as instant take-off when back on board.

The multifunction Maxius steering wheel can be height adjusted to personal comfort while drivers can access speed, direction and safety controls using either the left or right hand. And the steering self-centres, so drivers can align the machine along a stacking row and let the machine do the rest.


The Mitsubishi series includes a choice of three models:

  • Standard model (OPB20N2, OPB25N2)
  • model with rising platform [P] (OPB20N2P, OPB25N2P)
  • model with rising fork [F] (OPB12N2F, OPB12N2FP)
  • model with scissor lift [X] (OPB20N2X, OPB20N2XP)
VELiA ES model is hyper-intelligent software that molds the truck’s behaviour to your operator and your operations for performance that is consistently easier, steadier and safer. The unit’s ergonomics, energy efficiency, electric steering system and manoeuvrability all play a part in delivering picking productivity gains.


Forklift data

Power source electric
Battery voltage / capacity 24V / 465-620Ah
Load capacity 2000 kg
Wheels vulkollan
Truck weight 1469 kg
Travel speed 13 km/ h
Drive motor capacity / lift motor 2.6kW / 2.2kW
Lift height 855 mm
Overall length 3728 mm

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  • Drive
      • Class-Leading Energy Efficiency (14% Lower Than Nearest Competitor) Ensures Running Costs Are Kept To A Minimum.
      • Powerful Drive Motor Provides Excellent Traction And Adjustable Acceleration, Deceleration And Brake Force, For Smooth, Quiet, Controlled Operation, Extended Shift Length And Lower Maintenance Requirements.
      • Sensitive Drive System (Sds) Senses Faster Or Slower Operator Control Movements And Adjusts Truck Performance Accordingly, Contributing To Safety And Driver Performance.
      • Adaptive Steering System Ensures Truck Performance Matches Operator Needs – Whether Travelling In Reverse Or At Speed – For Calm, Smooth And Precise Operations.
  • Operator Environment And Controls
      • Flying Start Technology Shortens Acceleration Time For Ultimate Picking Productivity.
      • Super-Grip Floor Is Non-Slip Ensuring Operators Are Safe, For Confident Operations.
      • Triple-Suspension Floating Floor With Sideways Dampening And Advanced Cushioning, Reduces Microvibrations For Exceptional Operator Comfort.
      • Perfectly-Angled Footrest Ensures Optimal Positioning Of Foot And Ankle For Drivers Of All Heights.
      • Easy-Access Platform Features Low Step Height And Chamfered Edges – Minimising Trip Hazards For Easy On/ Off Access.
      • Next Generation Maxius Steering Wheel Absorbs Vibrations And Shocks To Ensure Class-Leading Ergonomics.
      • Optional Clear Colour Display Alerts Operators And Service Engineers To Potential Problems: Avoiding Damage, While Enhancing Safety And Encouraging Good Maintenance.
      • Rising Operator Platform Lifts To 855mm For Picking Heights Of Up To 2.5 M – Minimising Stretching And Straining For Operators.
  • Forks
      • Choice Of Long Forks Ensures Scissor Lift Models Can Carry Up To Four Rollcages At Once For Increased Efficiency.
      • Bevelled Easy-Entry Forks Offer Effortless Pallet Entry: Reducing Time And Risk Of Pallet Damage For Increased Efficiency.
  • Frame And Body
      • Robust Design Benefits From Extensive Testing – Including Safety Certification – For Lower Service Costs And Enhanced Safety.
  • Electrical And Control Systems
      • Full Electronic Steering With No Steering Wheel Kickback Gives Precise Control For Optimum Productivity, Efficiency And Safety.
  • Steering System
      • Small Turning Circle Together With Responsive Steering And Compact Chassis Allows Exceptional Manoeuvrability.
      • Advanced Electric Steering Allows Precise Control At Speed, With Automatic Speed Reduction In Curves And Automatic Drive Wheel Centring.
      • 100-Degree Steering Angle Ensures Exceptional Manoeuvrability – Even In Tight Spaces.
  • Brakes
      • Regenerative Braking With No Drive Wheel Jamming Or Brake Wear Gives Effective Control And Excellent Energy Efficiency.
      • Anti-Lock Brakes Ensure Safe Stopping – Even On Slippery Surfaces – For Ultimate Safety
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