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SEEVIL – rental, sale and service of all types of forklifts

Seevil d.o.o., has been renting, selling and servicing all types of forklifts for 25 years.

Since 1991, when the company was founded, the forklift market has undergone major changes.

We supplemented the service and sale of forklifts with the possibility of renting forklifts and other services:

  • warehouse optimization
  • battery recovery
  • forklift operator education

Experience has taught us that successful, long-term business requires an understanding of customer needs, quick response, professional and comprehensive implementation of services, flexibility and care for training and well being of our employees.

We believe forklift reliability is essential to our customers, so we strive to provide good service and maintenance programs to keep your forklifts running properly.

Seevil – exclusive representative of Robustus

Seevil – exclusive representative of Magaziner 

Seevil – exclusive representative of Mitsubishi 

Seevil – exclusive representative of AGV Rocla 

Customer care

We regard customer care and support as critical to a successful relationship.
Based on many years of customer experience, we recommend the equipment best suited to your needs and the service package that best fits your business, ensuring that you have the productivity that you need to meet your commitments.


Our strategic advantage

We differ from other similar companies in that we offer rental, servicing and sale of a wide range of world-renowned brands of Mitshubishi and Magaziner forklifts, as well as warehouse optimization consulting.


Our vision is a long-term growth of the company and market share, as well as cooperation with partners and suppliers of established brands.

Seevil – donor, sponsor and participant of events

At Seevil, we support the sporting spirit in various fields. You can read more about donations, sponsorships and events


Seevil is a family business that in its early years focused on servicing electric forklifts. Hence the name SeEVil: Se: service E: electric Vil: forklifts.
From a small service workshop, a company was formed, which today maintains an extensive fleet of forklifts.

The knowledge, experience and needs of the market encouraged us to first expand our service business to repair gas and diesel forklifts. Later, we focused on the sale and rental of forklifts.

The company has grown over the years, maintaining quality and customer service as primary goals.

We are dedicated to our customers by offering the highest quality forklifts, with the service support to keep them at peak efficiency. Many have been with us for over 25 years.


We strive to provide  the best possible support and service excellence for every customer.

Uroš Sešelj

Marjanca Sešelj

Deja Mrak

Simona Spolenak

Nina Konvalinka
sales assistant

Toky Ravelojaona
technical administrator

Franci Smole
service manager

Matej Križman
service technician

Stane Jovanović
service technician

Dejan Njegovec
service technician

Miha Kovač
service technician

Tomo Petkovšek

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