Forklift rental

Long-term forklift rental


More and more companies are opting for long-term rental of forklifts. The experience of our customers has shown that renting is usually the most optimal decision regarding time and finances.
There are quite a few scenarios where long-term forklift rentals can be a good option for you. It is just a matter of your situation with both you financials and production.

“Fullservice rental” of a forklift at Seeville includes:

  • Maintenance
  • Service and repair of the forklift with the agreed response time
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Delivery to your location and back

Short-term forklift rental


It is also sensible to rent a forklift during the peak season, in the event of a failure or maintenance of your own fleet of forklifts, for testing before purchase and in other cases when needed.

In Seevile we offer a wide selection of forklifts for rent. They have all the necessary documentation and can be with you in just a few days.

Let us know your wishes, needs, working conditions and work process and we will help you choose the right forklift. With rented forklifts, you can always maintain the optimal amount of machines according to current needs.

All used rental forklifts are refurbished using the following procedure:

  • inspection of the forklift and elimination of possible deffects
  • disassembling the forklift
  • cleaning and restoration of all vital parts
  • painting treatment
  • battery regeneration (applies to electric forklifts)
  • engine service or refurbishment (applies to gas and diesel forklifts)
  • hydraulic service
  • retreading or replacing wheels / tires
  • equip the forklift with all safety equipment
  • equip the forklift with the necessary documentation (technical inspection, reports for the operating permit…)


We give a one-year warranty on refurbished forklifts.

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