The new electric forklfit FB30ACN will do everything a diesel can do… only better.


It is the first electric to fully overcome every issue that may have stopped some owners of IC engine trucks from making the switch to electric.

Electric forklfit is also equipped with AutoBoost for extra speed and power when you need it most. This kicks in automatically to provide torque and acceleration boosts where and when they’re needed, like on ramps and steep inclines, so power drops are a thing of the past. Even harsh environments are no match for electric forklift FB30ACN. Its Electric Differential Lock feature gives the truck better traction and control both indoors and out.

FB30ACN is an exceptionally intuitive forklift. Handling is smooth and precise, high lifts are rock-steady, while Four Wheel Steering enables a 100° lock delivering the smallest turning circle on the market – perfect for working in tight spaces.

For optimal handling, this forklift has dual joysticks that offer simultaneous lift and tilt functions, as well as Adaptive Lift Control (ALC) for added stability and little chassis movement when lowering loads.

This electric forklift FB30ACN benefits from revolutionary features designed to give operators greater control than ever before. Electric differential lock provides optimum traction, and Four Wheel Steering ensures better grip and precision handling. Truck is also equipped with AutoBoost for extra speed and power when you need it most.


Forklift data

Power source electric
Battery voltage / capacity 80V / 700-775Ah
Load capacity 3000 kg
Wheels SE (solid pneumatic)
Truck weight 5222 kg
Travel speed 20.0 km/h
Drive motor capacity / lift motor 2x8.0 kW / 25.5kW
Max. lift height 7000 mm
Mast duplex / duplex with free lift / triplex with free lift
Overall length 3487 mm

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  • Brakes
      • Sealed, wet-disc brakes 
        Truck uses regenerative braking in normal driving, so mechanical brakes have a long life span and are virtually maintenance-free.
      • Automatic parking brake with hill hold 
        The truck stops automatically when the accelerator is not engaged, preventing rolling on ramps. No need to remember to use a handle or switch.
      • Intelligent Cornering System 
        The truck senses the angle of a turn and reduces speed early for maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.
  • Drive
      • Sensitive Drive System (SDS)
        An intuitive driver-assist system for increased safety. Performance is managed according to steer angle and the velocity of foot and finger controls.
      • ECO mode
        This mode optimises energy efficiency and gives smoother performance. Ideal for long shifts, training, new users, and part-time users.
      • PRO mode
        This mode maximises performance parameters, giving full control to more experienced operators in intensive situations.
      • AutoBoost 
        Acceleration and torque boost functions provide more power when needed, such as on ramps.
      • Electric differential lock
        When activated, both front wheels spin simultaneously, giving the truck better traction and control in slippery conditions.
  • Electrical and control systems
      • Emergency switch
        Weather-protected emergency switch stops the truck.
      • Sideways battery change
        Integrated sliding rollers offer quick and easy battery change for multishift operations. (Option)
  • Forks and mast
      • Mechanical side shift with rollers
        Side shifter minimises static friction and reduces sway for better control.
      • Adjustable lifting and lowering setting
        Through the multi-functional configuration software TruckTool, the lifting and lowering functions can be adjusted.
      • Adaptive Lift Control (ALC)
        Allows truck to remain stable with fewer movements when lowering loads from high heights.
      • Low Noise Lift
        Quietest hydraulic pump on the market contributes to low overall noise level (only 65dB).
      • Passive Sway Control 
        Minimises mast sway, especially in high lifts above 3m.
  • Frame and body
      • Easy charging latch
        Small latch on the side of the truck allows charging cable to be connected without opening the battery door.
      • EasyAccess battery compartment
        Battery door can be opened 180 degrees for quick and easy battery checks, charging and changes.
      • Battery inspection hatch
        Operator seat can be tilted forward to give a quick and easy view of battery caps, so the battery does not need to be removed from the truck. (Option)
      • Clear cabin entry
        Panels are curved to give optimum space for operators when entering/exiting the truck.
      • Low overhead guard
        2220 mm high for use in and out of containers.
      • Bright working lights
        Lights on the mast structure illuminate the load and surrounding area for good visibility, without causing reflections on the cabin windows.
      • Strong, high-visibility mast
        Free-lift cylinder structure is optimised with hoses over chains for outstanding visibility.
  • Hydraulics
      • High lift traction control
        Truck senses high lifts over 2.5m and automatically adapts load handling for steadier chassis movement.
      • Load sensing hydraulic system
        Load handling functions react similarly to different load weights.
  • Operator compartment and control
      • Spacious, open cabin
        The room means that operators of various sizes can benefit from a range of comfortable driving positions.
      • Comfortable cabin 
        Rubber-mounted cabin reduces micro-vibrations and AC option allows operators to adjust temperatures, ensuring compete comfort throughout a shift. (Option)
      • Rear window
        Can be opened partially for ventilation or fully for emergency exit.
      • Four independently gliding windows
        Rear windows can glide to the front, this helps with situations such as accessing door controls while reversing.
      • Heater and/or Air Conditioner
        Operator can heat up or cool down the cabin as required. (Option)
      • Low windshield wiper motor
        Operator has a good view from the middle of the mast.
      • Unparalleled 360° visibility
        An optimised mast, wheel, dashboard and counterweight design maximises visibility to load, forks, front and rear wheels – giving safe, confident operation in tight spaces.
      • F2 button
        This simple thumb control integrates additional key controls without taking your eyes off the load. Options include clamp release and automatic tilt centring.
      • Clear, informative display
        Full colour and easy to read from all angles. even in direct sunlight. Perfectly positioned for at-a-glance reference, without reducing all-round visibility.
      • Touch-sensitive fingertip controls
        Controls have a natural-feeling, spring-loaded response: press gently for finer control.
      • ErgoCentric adjustable armrest
        This allows for a natural hand position, minimising injury and fatigue. Can be easily adjusted with one hand.
      • Fully adjustable driving position
        Create the perfect seat, arm and steering wheel position for each operator’s unique needs.
      • Plenty of storage space
        Storage for on-board essentials, putting clipboard, mobile phone, drinks bottle and pen all easily to hand.
      • Extra-large low step
        Entry and exit is easy and safe, thanks to a high-grip surface.
      • Long handle bar
        Aids safer entry/exit.
      • Flat floor
        No obstructions and plenty of room for the operator.
      • Dashboard bar
        Easy to attach options such as monitors without blocking main display.
      • Narrow inclined dashboard
        This enhances the driver’s perception of surroundings – giving even greater visibility to the front and sides of the truck.
      • Dual joysticks
        Dual joysticks offer simultaneous functions for lift and tilt, and settings can be customised to customer requirements.
  • Steering systems
      • Four Wheel Steering (4WS) 
        Front axle drive motors turn in separate directions for better grip and precise handling. The rear axle steers through a full 100°, with dual drive motors for instant, smooth turning on the spot and no initial ‘push’. This offers excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
      • Perfectly weighted steering
        Optimal steering wheel size with a light but firm feel gives confidence and manoeuvrability at all speeds.
      • Mini Steering wheel
        Mini steering wheel allows operators to maintain a relaxed driving position and better view, ideal for longer shifts. (Option)
      • Variable steering ratio
        Precision steering at high speeds with no need for overcorrections.
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