The Mitsubishi PREMIA PBP12ND pedestrian power pallet is suitable for the horizontal movement of pallets in challenging environments.


Acceleration, top-speed and braking characteristics are programmable. When the control handle is pulled all the way down or up, or the emergency button is activated, the truck automatically stops. For tight turning in confined spaces, the pallet movers have a ‘handle up’ operation feature, making it suitable for use in containers and on the back of trucks.

The maximum lifting height of 2090 mm allows for easy handling on ramps and loading docks, even with damaged pallets. A sealed chassis offers protection against dirt, dust and other particles to reduce wear, while an oil-filled sealed transmission ensures quiet operation. The trucks have an electronic system featuring waterproof components.

Operators may choose between two performance modes via the key switch. The tiller arm design protects hands and places everything within easy reach for safe, comfortable, controlled operation.


Eqully suitable controls for left-handed and right-handed users, large buttons, market leading lift heights for much easier handling on steep ramps and that’s why it’s a favourite of operators around the world – PREMiA.


Forklift data

Power source electric
Battery voltage / capacity at 5-hour discharge 24V / 150 - 230Ah
Load capacity 1250 kg
Wheels vulkollan
Truck weight 800 kg
Travel speed 6 km/h
Drive motor capacity / lift motor 1.3 kW / 2.35 kW
Lift height 2090 mm
Mast Dupleks
Overall length 1864 mm

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  • Frame and body
      • Low centre of gravity adds further stability, for safe operation.
  • Mast and forks
      • Robust forks with welded construction, and rounded tips for effortless pallet entry, give extra strength and durability.
      • Tapered forks enhance safety, while offering quicker and easier access to pallets in racks or block stacks.
  • Steering system
      • State-of-the-art tiller arm offers the ultimate in ergonomic design, comfort and safety.
      • Small turning circle together with compact chassis and excellent visibility means exceptional manoeuvrability.
  • Brakes
      • Regenerative braking gives effective control, without brake wear, and extends shift life.
      • Parking brake is automatically activated, when necessary, for extra safety on ramps.
  • Electrical and control systems
      • Programmable controller adjusts acceleration, travel speed and braking to suit the application and operator – for greater versatility.
      • On-board diagnostics and fault memory folder speed up servicing and help prevent damage.



  • Operator environment and controls
      • Creep speed function and tiller arm lock bypass maximise safety and control in confined spaces.
      • Unique crossbar design deflects obstacles away from tiller arm and operator’s hand, protecting both truck and operator.
      • Choice of two performance modes via key switch enhances safety, energy efficiency and productivity.
      • Easy-to-operate controls reduce operator fatigue and minimise mistakes to enhance safety.
      • Ergonomically shaped rubber hand grips are comfortable and slip-free, allowing for easy reach of controls.
      • Battery discharge indicator is fitted as standard for battery protection and monitoring of truck use.
      • Ground clearance is only 35 mm – which makes foot trapping very unlikely.
  • Other features
      • RapidAccess features allow quick and easy entry to all areas for checks and maintenance.
      • PIN-code access prevents unauthorised use of the truck
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