Electric forklift FB25CN inspires confidence and builds a quality. 


Electric forklift FB25CN can do it safely, too. From the onespoke steering wheel to the cleverly angled counterweight, every aspect maximises the driver’s all-round view of the job in hand. No expensive gimmicks, just great truck design. What’s more, sealed wet disc brakes mean this truck can work anywhere, from hygienic, zeroemission environments – with integral brakes eliminating brake dust – to loading outside in the rain.

A combination of intelligent software and counter-rotating drive wheels, means FB25CN’S unique four-wheel steering offers extreme agility – with no pressure on steer wheels – whilst maintaining industry-leading capacities.But the best thing about the electric forklift FB25CN is the drive. From the moment you slide behind the wheel, everything just feels right. Drivers instantly feel at home – and perform at their best from day one.

Impressive residual lift capacities means that electric forklift packs the punch you need to lift larger loads to heights of 7 metres – while dual drive motors and +100° rear axle steering give the agility to deliver that big-truck performance in the tightest space.


Forklift data

Power source electric
Battery voltage / capacity 80V / 700-775Ah
Load capacity 4621 kg
Wheels SE (solid pneumatic)
Truck weight 4700 kg
Travel speed 20.0 km/h
Drive motor capacity / lift motor 2x8.0 kW / 320.8kW
Max. lift height 7.000 mm
Mast simplex / duplex with free lift / triplex with free lift
Overall length with standard forks ( 1.150 mm ) 3459 mm

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