The PBV20PD double pallet handler’s powerful performance, coupled with an anti-rollback system, means it’s perfect for double-stacking on ramps.


Platform double pallet truck PBV20PD is ideal for pallet transfer work in logistics terminals and industrial warehouses, as well as for loading and unloading vehicles.

The PBV20PD double pallet handler’s powerful performance, coupled with an anti-rollback system, means it’s perfect for double-stacking on ramps.

PREMiA EM double pallet truck is built for the most demanding conditions, and will keep going no matter what.


Forklift data

Power source electric
Battery voltage / capacity 24V / 220 - 400 Ah
Load capacity 2000 kg
Wheels vulkollan
Truck weight 1270 kg
Travel speed 10 km/h
Drive motor capacity / lift motor 2.2 kW / 3.2 kW
Lift height 2090 mm
Mast duplex
Overall length with platform / without platform 2185 / 2571 mm

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  • Frame and body
      • Five-point chassis A hydraulic friction force system increase the traction and reduce vibrations and risk of operator fatigue.
  • Forks
      • Robust forks Strong welded construction with rounded tips for effortless pallet entry.
      • Tapered forks Access to pallets in racks or block stacks is easier, quicker and safer.
  • Drive
      • Powerful, sealed AC motor Vulkollan drive wheel ensures long component life.
      • Sealed transmission Shock-resistant, quiet and requires little maintenance.
      • Dust-shielded load wheels Less maintenance and component replacement required.
  • Operator environment and controls
      • PIN-code access Stops unauthorised truck use and keeps you aware of who’s operating at all times.
      • Easy-to-operate tiller arm Its large buttons mean operators can focus on the task in hand and minimise mistakes.
      • Left-handed or right-handed controls The tiller arm’s versatile design allows for operation from either side.
  • Brakes
      • Parking brake Automatically activated when necessary for extra safety on ramps
  • Operator environment
      • Ultra-low step height Operators stay more productive throughout shifts thanks to easy on/ off access.
      • Dampened platform Operators are protected from knocks and bumps, allowing them to stay in a more natural driving position for greater comfort throughout shifts.
      • Foldable side bars (option) These encourage efficient, safe operations by eliminating the need for operators to step off the platform.
      • Ergonomic levers Raise and lower loads with ease, even when wearing gloves.
      • Creep speed function and tiller arm lock bypass (option) Both help to maximise safety and control in confined spaces.


      • Multifunctional display Operators and service engineers are alerted to potential problems, helping to avoid damage and encourage maintenance.
  • Electronic power steering
      • Electronic power steering (option) Smooth, precise control with minimal effort and maximum comfort.
  • Electrical and control system
      • New-generation, multi-function controller Smooth, quite control of both drive and lift, with fewer components to maintain.
      • Full programmability Adjust acceleration, travel speed, and braking to suit the application and operator.
      • On-board diagnostics and fault memory folder Speed up servicing and help prevent damage.
      • Li-ion battery (option) Fast charging – removing the need for extra batteries.
      • Battery discharge indicator Fitted as standard for battery protection and preventing deep discharge.
  • Other features
      • RapidAccess features These allow quick and easy entry to all areas for checks and maintenance.
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